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NWIMS can offer a range of firewall solutions to guard your network and critical data against attack. We can also offer an evaluation of your existing security measures and consult on critical and optional security enhancements.

Security Audits

NWIMS security audits evaluate potential open access vulnerabilities via on-site and off-site solutions, covering anti-virus, anti-spam, malware, spyware and unauthorised entry.

Don't Let Your Guard Down

Awareness and planning against network intrusion can prevent the unauthorised use of your network for sending spam, DOS (Denial of Service) attacks, inter-network attacks and even corporate identity theft.

Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam

Show us someone who hasn't been offered viagra, cosmetic enhancements or a lucrative Nigerian business deal via email, and we'll show you a hermit. NWIMS can help with solutions to rid you of such distractions from your working day.

Chinks In Your Armour

NWIMS has the requisite knowledge and experience to find and fix the chinks in your corporate armour, to protect your network and critical data from possible network intrusion and malicious destruction.

Virus Invasions

In the absence of a security audit, should your company experience a virus invasion, we can provide virus removal support, followed by recommendations on hardware and software solutions to prevent a repeat scenario.