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Secure Cloud Backup

Universal Platform


Our software can work on Workstations, Laptops, Servers and works with a wide selection of email and database technologies.

Our software supports:

  • Most operating systems 
  • Workstations
  • Mobile & Home Users 
  • File Servers 
  • Email Servers 
  • Database Servers

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What is Secure Cloud Backup?

Secure Cloud Backup provides a reliable, secure and fully supported way to protect all the files, documents, databases and emails that your business depends on with our easy to use and cost effective service.

servericonData is continuously protected
servericonIncremental backup – incremental restore
servericonMultiple backup policies; multiple-year archives
servericon Automatic alerts of key events  

System Support


Our role is to simplify the job of backing up your company data, and part of that role is to solve any problems and answer any questions that arise. To make it as easy as possible to get assistance, our support technicians can use a variety of methods to help:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Website Enquiry
  • Remote Support
  • On site Support

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Advanced Security


All of your data is compressed and encrypted before it even leaves your computer, to ensure it cannot be intercepted at any point, and even we cannot view the contents.

  • Military Grade, 256-bit Encryption 
  • Secure encryption keys 
  • State-of-the-art UK data centre facilities 
  • Multiple site data replication

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Set and forget


  • Fast sign up process
  • Easy to download & install
  • Setup wizard to get you going
  • Free installation service provided
  • Seed Backup Service.

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Wholesale Partner Program

The Wholesale Program is designed for existing IT Services providers with a proven track record of delivering professional IT services to small and mid-market businesses in the UK.

By including Secure Cloud Backup products in your portfolio, you can access a range of enterprise-class, managed services to boost revenues and increase customer retention rates.

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Instant File Recovery


Our backup service means that you do not have to go hunting for a tape in the archives, or go through any complicated restore process. It's as simple as selecting what you want to recover, and clicking the mouse.

  • Easy to use file browser and restore interface
  • Revert to old versions of files
  • Restore files to any computer
  • Access your backed up files from the internet
  • Unlimited restoration help
  • Bulk restore service

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How does Online IT Backup work?

Our specially designed software encrypts and compresses all your files before sending them via your existing internet line to our secure data centres, where your data sits safely on our servers. You can backup any number of workstations and servers automatically, the software does everything for you, it’s fully automated and fully supported.