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Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange - a cloud alternative to on-premise

NWIMS Hosted Exchange delivers Microsoft Exchange email in the cloud, enabling business users to access their email, calendar and contacts from anywhere and at anytime.

NWIMS Hosted Exchange provides businesses with the opportunity to use the latest mobile technology without the need for capital investment in their own systems,  providing substantially more benefits to business than traditional 'on-premise' exchange. 

Key benefits of Hosted Exchange:

  • Freedom - work from anywhere - using a browser, iPhone, BlackBerry or Windows mobile. You can access your email using Outlook, through a web browser with Outlook Web Access or on the move with a Windows mobile, BlackBerry or iPhone.
  • Lower costs - replacing capital expenditure with usage based payments like a utility or mobile phone. No need to invest in your own servers, storage, back-up, racks, perpetual licensing and, most importantly, no need to employ dedicated technical staff to manage your email service.
  • Scalability - quick and easy to add and remove users, scaling up or down as your business requires ensuring your company does not pay any more than it has to.
  • Simplicity - easy and quick to deploy and manage using Nasstar's Customer Portal that gives customers control without the headache of support and investment.
  • Expertise -  managed and operated by experts so you can concentrate on your business.

Whatever the size of your business - whether your company has 5 or 5,000 users, NWIMS Hosted Exchange will deliver your business real benefits.

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Hosted Exchange - Mobile Access

With NWIMS Hosted Exchange you can now make your organisation more responsive by giving employees access to email on the move.

NWIMS supports full synchronisation for email, contacts and your diary when out of the office - whether you choose to use an iPhone, BlackBerry or Windows mobile device.

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Hosted Exchange - BlackBerry Access

BlackBerry powered by NWIMS lets BlackBerry Mobile users use the NWIMS BlackBerry Enterprise Servers, without the need to invest in your own BES which can cost thousands of pounds.

As long as you are on the BES tariff with your mobile network provider NWIMS's BES servers allow you to retrieve and send e-mail, keep track of your schedule, your contacts and read Microsoft files including Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations all across the air.

This service is fully supported and is available for all mobile networks globally that support BES.

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Hosted Exchange - Mac Support

If you use a Mac you can still take advantage of NWIMS Hosted Exchange.  NWIMS provide Hosted Exchange for a large number of Mac based companies and our experience in supporting this community is second to none.  NWIMS Hosted Desktop enables all users in the company to access their email no matter what platform they are working on. 

The NWIMS Hosted Exchange platform works natively with Snow Leopard. 

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