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NWIMS Bonding will aggregate the actual speeds of the lines connected to the service minus a small overhead. For example, if you have two Broadband connections, one running at 2Mbps downstream and the other at 4Mbps downstream, the aggregated performance will be up to 5Mbps downstream. NWIMS Bonding aggregates both the upstream and downstream bandwidth. Utilizing normal ASDL broadband connections to larger Fibre connections bonding multiple lines together reaching over 280Mbps depending on how many lines aggretated together and their individual speeds.

NWIMS Bonding cannot create “new bandwidth” – it aggregates the total Broadband connections and delivers what is actually available at that time. Line speeds are not always as advertised or constant throughout the day or week. NWIMS Bonding Software tests the line speeds periodically and adjusts the distribution of packets to optimize the aggregated performance. In addition, packet re-sequencing is automatically activated when connections are detected to be very different speeds and latencies.


NWIMS X2 and X4 Bonded FTTC Services

NWIMS offers bonded broadband based on LLU and MPF FTTC services for ultra-high-speed Internet and WAN connectivity. Using our bonding technology, we combine up to 4 individual connections into one integrated service to deliver massive bandwidth at affordable prices. X2 and X4 services deliver the following great benefits:

  • Up to 280Mbps downstream and 64Mbps upstream based on Cerberus LLU FTTC
  • A fraction of the cost of leased lines
  • Installation in just 10-15 days
  • Standard 12 month contract vs 36 months or more with leased lines
  • Based on BT Openreach FTTC & LLU Operators with ~95% nationwide coverage
  • Enhanced reliability over single connection
  • Internet or private network connectivity


NWIMS X2 and X4 FTTC uses an integrated router kit provided and managed by NWIMS to deliver transparent bonding across all lines. The router equipment is managed and monitored by NWIMS 24x7 for complete peace of mind.

With X2 and X4 MPF services, NWIMS provide the telephone lines for the service as well, dramatically reducing set-up costs and allowing for cost savings on overall rental, as well as simplifying support of the service.

If you can get FTTC then you could be getting speeds of up to 280Mbps using NWIMS bonded FTTC services within 10 days!